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All your organizational communication simplified.

Communication is key to successful businesses operations. Phone, conferencing, email, voicemail, and instant messaging are among the many tools used to maintain productivity, manage projects and close sales.

Integrating all of these media tools can be cumbersome and inefficient, proving frustrating and often counterproductive for employees and clients alike. What if there was a way to manage these resources and systems with simplicity and ease? Centralized to one location?

Fortunately, Unified Communications and Collaboration makes this all possible. By eliminating the clutter and hassle of switching between software, contact lists and different hardware, Unified Communications and Collaboration empowers your employees and customers to quickly communicate with ease, accelerating the completion of everything from tasks, meetings, service delivery and sales.

Integrations include:

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Email Integration
  3. Contacts Integration
  4. Calendar Integration
  5. Electronic Faxing
  6. Conference Calls
  7. Desktop Sharing
  8. File Sharing
  9. Web Collaboration
  10. Presence Management
  11. Desktop Software Solutions

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