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Westel Communication Services has partnered with the leading providers of technology. We strive to provide your business with cutting edge technology that will exceed all your needs with cost effective solutions. Here are some of our partners.

  • altigen_logo

    AltiGen Communications, Inc. is known as the leading provider of 100% Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions. Westel Communication Services looks to AltiGen because of its leading role in the communications industry on shifting proprietary hardware-centric systems to software-based solutions. Since 1996 AltiGen Communications has served a global network of over 300 certified partners which in turn provides service to more than 10,000 customers.

  • unify

    Formally known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, Unify’s business name literally reflects what is mission is as a company. The goal of Unify is to unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one engaging and easy to use experience.

  • benQ

    BenQ has a proven expertise in product design, visual display, mobile solutions, and network convergence technologies, and is committed to empower people today to live better with its innovation-fueled products, services, and solutions.

  • cpi_contractor2

    Chatsworth Products, Inc. is the global leader manufacturer in providing service solutions for voice, data and security products that store and secure technology equipment. Westel Communication Services partners with Chatsworth Products Inc. (CPI) because of their ability to offer configurability and value in its integrated system components.

  • cisco_logo

    It comes as no surprise that Westel Communication Services chose to partner with Cisco. Cisco is known as the world leader in the IT industry, and is also well known for its lasting partnerships and dedication to providing successful solutions. Cisco has created the future of the Internet by bringing forth its value to valid customers and is the number one reason on why Westel Communication Services still continues to partner with Cisco today.

  • dell_logo

    Dell delivers technology solutions that help the people to do and achieve more, whether they’re at home or at work. The team is committed towards a superior long-term value.

  • everfocus_logo

    EverFocus Electronics Corporation is the industry’s leading security solution manufacturer. Their products feature CCTV cameras, DVRs, HD-SDI, IP surveillance solutions, and access control systems. Known worldwide, EverFocus offers quality products along with technical support, a project design consultant, educational training, and anything that might come of demand to EverFocus customers. Westel Communications Services partners with EverFocus because of its commitment to designing top quality products and its excellent customer service.

  • legrandOrtronics

    Legrand is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, offering solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • leviton

    Westel Communication Services looks to Leviton for its comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of its clients who either require a residential need, or a commercial and industrial building focus. Clients utilize Leviton to help create a sustainable environment through Leviton’s electrical wiring devices, network and data connectivity solutions and lighting energy management systems.

  • nCompass

    nCompass was created by Legrand and Superior Essex when the two companies combined their industry expertise to overcome challenges associated with the ever-changing technology space. nCompass is designed to provide a suite of high-performing copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems. Westel Communications has partnered up with nCompass because of its ability to provide comprehensive solutions for network infrastructure with needs of support, reliability, energy efficiency and flexibility.

  • quicktron

    Quikton is recognized for its award-winning RapidRun, an audio/video system designed to save time and money while evolving with technology. Westel Communications has chosen to partner with Quiktron due to the quality cable connectivity solutions that it provides to the telecommunication industries in North America. Quiktron works with industry leaders in providing custom manufacturing of fiber optic and copper cable assemblies.

  • sennheiser_logo

    Westel Communications utilizes Sennheiser for their superior technology in headphones, headsets, microphones, and its integrated systems for your telecommunications needs. Sennheiser is based off 65 years of experience in German engineering and innovative science. Their top-quality products have resulted in global-wide recognition of being one of the best in its industry, looking to shape the audio world of tomorrow.

  • superior_essex_logo

    Superior Essex is best known as being the leader in the industry for manufacturing and its supply of cable and wire products, specifically for magnet wire. However, the way Westel Communications utilizes our partnership with Superior Essex is through the Communications Cable segment. By manufacturing fiber optic cables and premises copper cables, we are able to utilize these cable products in connecting campuses, businesses and communities.

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