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PDF Manuals of Unify Products

Unify OpenSpace Office delivers secure and reliable communications solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Our host of communication solutions comprises myPortal desktop, myPortal Outlook, myPortal Mobile, and myAttendant.

These applications seamlessly integrate IP voice, web collaboration, video conferencing, mobility, and advanced messaging to enhance your existing business processes.

Acquaint yourself with each PDF manual that details all features and workings of the services― from installation, to applications, and even troubleshooting.

MyPortal for Desktop is a convenient application that enables users to access complete features from a single window. Its innovative and user-friendly features help to manage buddy lists, access voicemails, and integrate directly with user directory and MS Outlook calendar.

MyPortal for Outlook is a plug-in application for Microsoft Outlook that enables direct access to personal voice messages, direct dial from Outlook contacts, and arranges telephonic conferences as well. Users can access all the features from the MS Outlook toolbar directly.

MyPortal for Mobile is a web-based communications solution for mobile employees. It manages and shows the current status of contacts and also sets connection control of your office extension.

MyAttendant is a user-friendly attendant console that optimizes telephone functions with business functions. It is a presence-aware switchboard application that can be used by administrators, dispatchers, or supervisors. It makes it easier to transfer calls to employees.

myPortal desktop manual
myPortal outlook manual
myPortal mobile manual
myAttendant manual

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