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With a little preparation and knowledge you can make better connections from start to finish. The end result will be a better and more enjoyable system. It doesn’t take a lot more effort, just follow the manuals and create a large communication empire

What you need to know about using Max Products
Adding Max products to your communication system not only boosts efficiency, but also helps you to set up your new equipment in no-time or update the configuration on your existing equipment. Let’s take a quick look at the products.

MaxCommunicator is a call management software for the general PC User. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and Gold Mine for speedy dials and easy connectivity.

MaxAgent is a Windows desktop application which is carefully designed to improve the efficiency of workgroup and call center agents. Call information can be stored to an internal or external CDR database for future review and analysis.

MaxSupervisor, a software that runs in accordance with the Max Communication server. With this software, supervisors of workgroup agents can observe the real time status and performance of a workgroup, comprising calls, workgroup statistics, and agent state.

MaxOutlook is an improvised version of Max Communicator call management software. Added with the features of MaxCommunicator, this software also allows you to see the incoming calls that have a matching record in the Contact list. You must set up the Outlook Contacts list prior to using this feature.

MaxMobile Communicator (MaxMobile) application, installed on an iPhone, makes the phone a fully capable office phone extension and serves as a “desktop” call control client. This means you can access, configure, and perform most of your company’s PBX functions straight from the graphical user interface in your MaxMobile.

AltiConsole is an attendant console application for a client system with unique handling functions like transferring calls to voice mails, viewing the call status of users on the system etc.

PDF Manuals

MaxCommunicator manual
MaxAgent manual
MaxSupervisor manual
MaxOutlook manual 
MaxMobile manual
AltiConsole manual

Training Videos

MaxCommunicator (watch here)
MaxAgent (watch here)
MaxSupervisor (watch here)


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